I provide a global approach to Health and Fitness which gives you all the tools to gain Wellness and Vitality. Looking for long-running energy, healthy arteries or growing old healthy, weight management, a way to avoid skipping meals without spending hours in the kitchen…Nutrition, Physical Activity, Quality Sleep and Self Esteem are optimized so that you can reach the « best shape/health of your life » for the rest of your life.

If you are a sportive person, you will need specific hydration and nutrition. A personalized coaching is therefore crucial for your performances and  to rebuild & restore after each physical session.


You can also enjoy ONLINE Yoga Private courses with me 🙂




Elisa T.« 1 week Vitality Breakfast Challenge: super simple to prepare in the morning, I did not feel hunger at all til lunch time, amazing energy al week long and, even if that was not the original goal, I feel leaner! »

Juliette F.« I always struggled putting on weight. Thanks to the Wellness assment, I understood that I was lacking muscle mass and definition, and I was even a little too flobby. Chizu’s personnalized coaching helped me to lose that little belly of mine AND gain toned curves at the same time. Now, Vitality Breakfast is my morning must-have! »

Patrick W. « Ex-smocker, I gained quite a lot of weight(10 kg) in 3 months only. I tried to deal with this problem on my own without any success as I was not aware of the steps I had to take towards a healthy lifestyle … Chizu has successfully oriented me with great tact. With regular coaching, she helped me loose the extra pounds AND helped me love making balanced meals and exercising
I was not forbidden to eat anything and Chizu guided me through this challenge while teaching me what were my daily needs. Thanks to these advice, I am now motivated to go even further with great pleasure. »

Blandine M.« Very simply put: being able to wear clothes that were too small a few months ago…..Absolutely wonderful and I really love cellular hydration recipes and healthy digestion protocole. Already -3kg in my fisrt month and no more bloating…no way I’m stopping now! 😀 »





OTHER results HERE and HERE: for 60 years old+




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